Together in film

For whom is the Camera Action Festival?
For the cinephiles who want to be up to date with the art cinema that either does not appear on the big screen or leaves it after a short time. 
For the reviewers, bloggers, and vloggers who want to train their skills and enhance their competencies.
For the Polish cinema lovers who want to talk to the most intriguing filmmakers of the national cinema.
For the film critics and journalists who want to exchange experiences and remarks concerning their profession.
For the filmmakers who want to get to know the experts’ opinions and look with fresh eyes at the film industry.
For the film industry in order to get to know different standpoints on the cinema. 

We are still developing, but we are not forgetting about what is extremely important to us.  About what started the wish to create Camera Action. Community bringing attention to the fact that the process of making a film is teamwork. Not only the obvious one a film set crew, but also screenwriters, editors, distributors, casting directors, marketers, PR specialists, cinema managers, film critics, vloggers, and film festival organizers. Everyone makes a certain contribution to creating an image of a given film in the eyes of the viewer. Filmmaking is a system of communicating vessels; both contact networks and close observation of worldwide changes in a global market are significant. Without producers, directors and screenwriters won’t make a film, without distributors and marketers, no one will know about the film, without cinema managers, the viewers won’t watch the film, and without film critics, cinephiles won’t know which film to watch in a cinema. One can enumerate like that, but what is important is that this community is interdependent and works TOGETHER.

This year’s motto of the Camera Action Festival is TOGETHER IN FILM.

It is a call, but also a postulate that has been following the Camera Action Festival for thirteen years. Since the beginning of the festival’s existence, we have been emphasizing that filmmaking and film reception are inseparable vessels that unite at the festivals, in the screening rooms, or increasingly often in the light of the domestic screens. A film is a collective creation, not only in the context of production but also in the context of reception, shared experience, and cinephilia that induces discussion and conversation. This is what we are absorbed in as the organizers of the FKA. We want to connect, empathize, and talk to each other about non-conventional topics and in non-conventional combinations. 

We care about conversations with the filmmakers (and not only them!), exchanging experiences, discussions, and being together, side by side and equal.

The film festival is the time and place for being together, collectively experiencing, celebrating cinema, making memories, and, above all, sharing emotions and cinephilic impressions. Meeting with you has never seemed as important as today. We invite you to us, to Łódź, to the welcoming Łódź Film School.

We have made it our goal that you will not binge-watch another TV series on the couch in front of the TV screen, but that you will enjoy the screening together with US CINEPHILES. We invite you to our HOME – to the SCREENING ROOM, which for these four days is going to change into YOUR HOME too.

Together we can do more. We want to both listen to you and hear you.

The Camera Action Festival is a film festival within which we present film sections focused on movies valued by the film critics: The Critical Premieres, The Voice of the Critics, Polish cinema sections, retrospectives of the arthouse elite filmmakers, 24 films from the International Competition Authors Spotlight. This is a film festival during which film analysis, screenwriting, marketing, voice emission, and other workshops as well as case studies of the selected films, meetings, and panel discussions take place. We look for new forms of film criticism and present unconventional filmmakers who can perfectly create narratives and film genres and play with them. We are not afraid of the controversial, bold, and brutal cinema that is deeply moving and prompts extreme emotions and heated discussions. We invite you to our world where we are all cinephiles TOGETHER IN FILM.

The author of the poster for the 13th edition of the Camera Action Festival is Arkadiusz Jaworek who has been creating the graphic identification of FKA since the fourth edition.

author: Arkadiusz Jaworek

The 13th Camera Akcja Festival will be held from October 13-16, 2022: stationary in Łódź and online on the Think Film platform (October 17-20). The Festival is implemented thanks to co-financing from the budget of the City of Łódź. Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, the Polish Film Institute and the University of Łódź – patron of the Festival.

21 / 07 / 2022
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