The Camera Action Festival was brought to life in 2010. The event emerged from a pure love of cinema. The project has become the only Festival in Europe devoted to film criticism. It is a place of meetings and conversations regarding cinema, attracting people absorbed by the films, but at the same time not excluding any voice from participating in the discussion. 

Year by year, FKA gathers an increasingly large number of viewers and cinephiles, who are treated as partners in discussion with critics and filmmakers. There is no denying that it is precisely the discussion that is one of the key elements of the Festival. The mission of the FKA is to cross boundaries on the level of language and film knowledge by establishing mutual relationships between various groups revolving around the cinema. The aim of the Festival is to popularize unrestricted exchange of thoughts without rigid division between experts and laymen.

The Camera Action Festival is created by people with a vast experience in film events organization. Over 10 years of the Festival’s existence and vanishing boundaries between working professionally as a critic and active participation in the film culture inevitably influenced the growth and evolution of the Festival. The Camera Action Festival is open to a broad approach to the understanding of the audiovisual culture.

Critic Writes Competition, Critic Talks Competition, and an International Competition Authors Spotlight provide debutants and beginner creators with the opportunity to take the first step in the audiovisual world. 

For several years, FKA has been branching out into educational projects which primarily aim to popularize film culture among Łódź residents including keeping the memories of the forgotten traditions of Łódź as a cradle of Polish film and critical thought and a place of the development of the postwar production alive. Up to this moment, the Foundation has realized, among others, “the Academy of the Culture Animators”, “Action Education”, “Łódź Film Festival. 75 years of film history”, “The Big Test about Film Łódź”, and “New Horizons: Camera Action”. The Festival’s activities constitute a unique offer of an interdisciplinary and innovative programme for the cinephiles.

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