Movies 13. FKA


15 / 10 / 2022----------------------19:15

In French with Polish and English subtitles

Dir. Lukas Dhont, 2022
Runtime: 105 minutes
Writers: Lukas Dhont, Angelo Tijssens
Production: Belgium, Netherlands, France
Cinematography: Frank van den Eeden
Cast: Eden Dambrine, Gustav De Waele, Émilie Dequenne, Léa Drucker

In his second feature film, Lukas Dhont (the director of the greatly received “Girl” from 2018) focuses on the brutal reality surrounding teenage Léo and Rémi, whether in school or family relationships. A dangerous combination of tenderness and love with viciousness and selfishness that brings to mind “Heartstone” by G. A. Gudmundsson (a hit of the 8th FKA edition).

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